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Portable secondary maintenance test line

Portable secondary maintenance test line

Product Details

Portable secondary maintenance test line

Name: Diesel vehicle opacity smoke meter

The main technical parameters

● Working conditions: temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C;

Relative humidity: no more than 95% Power supply: 187V~242V, 50Hz ±1Hz.

●Measurement range: light absorption ratio (N): 0~99.9%;

Light absorption coefficient (K): 0~16.0mˉ1 Flue gas temperature: 0~200°C

Oil temperature: 0~100°C Speed: 250~9999r/min

● Resolution: Light absorption ratio: 0.1%; Light absorption coefficient: 0.01 mˉ1.

Flue gas temperature accuracy: ±5°C Oil temperature measurement accuracy: ±5°C

Speed: ±20r/min when the measurement accuracy is 600~1000r/min Other ranges: ±50r/min

●Indication error: Light absorption ratio: ±2.0%

●The effective length of the optical channel is 430mm

●Light source: 555nm

●Air chamber temperature >71 °C

1. Name: Car headlight detector

Ambient temperature: -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Relative humidity: ≤90%

Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50±1Hz

2.  Measuring range:

a) Luminous intensity: 0 ~ 120000cd

b) Optical axis offset:

High beam: vertical direction: upper 350mm/10m ~ lower 525mm/10m

Horizontal direction: left 525mm/10m ~ right 525mm/10m

Low beam: Vertical direction: upper 350mm/10m ~ lower 525mm/10m

Horizontal direction: left 525mm/10m ~ right 525mm/10m

3.  Indication error:

a) Luminous intensity: ± 10%

b) Optical axis offset: ± 35mm/10m

Name: Single skateboard sliding test bench (instrument type)

The skateboard type skid test bench is a measure of the car wheel. During the straight running process, the camber angle of the wheel and the toe are matched, and the amount of the side slip is used to symbolize.  The amount of side slip refers to the ratio of the lateral displacement of the slide inward or outward to the longitudinal length of the slide when the vehicle is traveling through the inspection station at a low speed without the applied steering force.  The amount of side slip is expressed in m/km.  The amount of vehicle side slip is one of the key items in vehicle safety testing.  The device uses high-precision sensors with high precision, good reliability, easy operation and easy maintenance.

Maximum load bearing quality 10t

Measuring range ±15m/km

Indication error ±0.2m/km

Name: Portable Brake Performance Tester

The LZD-C Microcomputer Handheld Brake Performance Tester is a smart computer with a microcomputer as its core, mainly used for braking performance testing of automobiles.  The host computer consists of a single-chip microcomputer, a built-in sensor, a printer, a keyboard, and a liquid crystal display, and has functions of data storage, display, printing, etc. The LZD-C type microcomputer handheld brake performance tester has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient carrying, flexibility and ease of use.

General parameters:

Power supply: nickel-cadmium battery 7.5V;

Charging power supply: AC220V 50Hz;

Technical Parameters

1. Braking time: Measuring range: 0.00~10.00 s Error: 0.5%

2. Brake deceleration: Measuring range: 0.00~9.80m/s2 Error: ±0.1 m/s2

3. Braking distance: Measuring range: -9.8~99.99 m Error: 5%±0.10m

Name: Automobile exhaust gas analyzer (four gas / five gas)

It adopts the international famous manufacturer optical platform sensor technology, which meets ISO3930 and OIML R99I precision requirements, and can be measured by LPG, CNG and alcohol fuel vehicles.  The first domestic setting of the new international double idle speed standard inspection mode, the original database can automatically compare the test results according to different models and factory date.  Full intelligent manual dialogue, full Chinese menu prompt operation, large screen LCD display, automatic zero adjustment function, automatic calculation of air-fuel ratio.  The measurement results can be first stored with specific 1000 sets of data, consult, built-in micro-printer, especially suitable for auto repair shop, environmental testing agency, 4S shop, etc.  R232 serial communication interface, directly connected to peripheral devices.  Technical Parameters:

Name range error

HC 0~200010-6 (ppm) 3% (relative error)

2001~1000010-6(ppm) 5% (relative error)

CO 0~10% 3% (relative error)

10.01%~15% 5% (relative error)

CO2 0 ~16% 3% (relative error)

16.01%~20% 5% (relative error)

O2 0~25% 5% (relative error)

NO (five gas tail gas can be measured)

0~400010-6 (ppm) 4% (relative error)

4001~500010-6 (ppm) 5% (relative error)

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