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Zibo Lingxin electronic technology Co. Ltd.,locatd in Zibo New &High-tech Industrial Development Zone, is a motor vehicle testing equipment, measurement and control management system development and production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and the two major professional specialization in one company. Motor vehicle testing equipment and monitoring control management system development and production of professional, independent contractor motor vehicle inspection station comprehensive performance, security performance test line and the automotive industry, car repair, sales of various motor vehicles such as automatic detection of line capacity. Automotive integrated line of software performance testing part of the country in order to obtain software copyright registration certificate; Desk body had passed through the Ministry of Communications and China Light Product Quality Assurance of Product Quality Inspection Center, finds that the case of the Ministry of Communications and China Light Product Quality Assurance Center Recommended Products. Professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment, products include Single-type, multi-trough range of criteria, such as ultrasonic cleaning line, and in according with customer needs in various trades, the actual manufacture of non-standard ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Product clearance pan used in the automotive engine maintenance, aerospace machinery, bearing parts, medical equipment and new materials industries such as special cleaning. Our company is composed of a technological development, a quality detection department, a production department, an after service department and an office. The company has both high and middle technical specialist and proficient artificer team. The company’s products all over the country more than 20 provinces, cities (autonomous regions ), China’s vehicle maintenance trade association member unit, the company holds “for excellence, continuous innovation,” the development of purpose, design and development of China’s national conditions suitable detection apparatus, and domestic universities and scientific research units maintained a long-term technical cooperation relationship, and now more than 50 varieties of products, companies with high quality products, improve the efficient service, well received by the customers.

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