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What is the inspection process and audit process for the automotive inspection line?
- 2019-01-21-

A lot of novice drivers don't know.Automotive Inspection LinesInspection process and audit process, And today it's up toAutomotive Inspection LinesXiao Knitting for everyone to explain.

First of all, the vehicles to be inspected are parked in the parking spaces:DriverWith the vehicle registrationCertificate"," Road transport Certificate "," technicalQualifiedCertificate to the registration of vehiclesAt theWindow registration, vehicle registrationAt theStaff members register the registered vehicles on a daily basis;PAYAt the cost of the payment window, the vehicle Cost window staff should record the daily payment of the vehicle.

The driver should go to the External inspection window for the check-in of the vehicle. External inspection of vehicles includes vehicle uniqueness identification and offline testing:

Vehicle uniqueness is not qualifiedOf: Rectification or transfer to the relevant departments for processing.

Unqualified offline inspection: adjustment, rectification, repair.

Vehicle appearance inspection a car a table, after the inspection personnel signed qualified, with the report card to complete the test.

After the vehicle external inspection qualified, by theDriverDriving the inspected vehicle for online inspection (including groove inspection) to adjust, rectify and repair the unqualified vehicle. The inspection outside the vehicle isAutomotive Inspection LinesCheck the basic items, and then take a look at the other items!

After the online check is complete,DriverExternal checklists and test report cards should be used to check the signatures of authorized signatories. The authorized signatory shall examine the payment slip, the external inspection report card and the inspection report card of the vehicle and register the vehicles inspected on a daily basis.

VehicleDriverPayment orders, external inspection report cards, test report cards, road transport certificates, technical qualification certificates and so on should be carried to the vehicle Technical Management window for inspection and registration. Found two times maintenance and other illegal items, inform the driver to the illegal handling window to accept punishment, illegal handling window staff to the same day to the vehicle punishment registration.

Drivers hold a ticket to the vehicle Technical Management window, fill in the vehicle technical account, improve the vehicle technical files, after the formalities are completed, by the Vehicle Technical Management window personnel issued a signature notice.

The driver of the vehicle shall carry the signature notice, the road transport certificate and the Technical Qualification certificate to the Signature window for two maintenance signature formalities. The signature window staff reviews the vehicle invoices and the handling of violations, and signs them upon completion. The vehicle check-in window staff check in the vehicle daily.

Today aboutAutomotive Inspection LinesMonitoring process and audit process we are here today to explain to you here, if you have what do not understand can call us, we will sincerely serve you!