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Several equipment for automotive inspection lines and frequently detected problems
- 2019-01-22-

ManyAutomotive MonitoringCombination of devicesHas becomeA qualified one.Automotive Inspection Lines。SeveralWork content of main vehicle inspection line equipmentAreDifferent. They all have their own.Testing items。 TheyNot only will notInterference with each other,And willWork closely together. They are important equipment for vehicle detection lines that make up a reasonable operation. We briefly describeAutomotive Inspection LinesThe main devices included in the,To make it better for everyone to understand.

1, Speed Station inspection: MeasurementOf the carSpeed meterIsn't itAccurate.

2, axial weight check table:If theRated Factory weightThere's a lot of variation., Will beThought to be a late modification., The test value is mainly used for brakingOfCalculation.

3, Automobile brake test bench: The main test braking performance.

4, Lighting Tester:ToMeasurementVehicle lightingStrength and LightAngle ofOffset.

5, SideslipAutomotive Inspection Lines:Used to testWheel deviation during a straight drive.

5. Sound level meter: measuring hornThe sound size of the emitted。

Exhaust Gas Testing: measurementThe car was drained.ExhaustContainsPollutionThe amount of things andCondition.

WhenAutomotive Inspection LinesWhen a motor vehicle is detected, certain problems of the motor vehicle are often detected.The next step in continuing to share the test lines often detects what goes wrong.

1, the Status of automotive technology:Automotive Inspection LinesQuantitatively measure the appearance and performance of a vehicle at a certain point in timeDataThe sum of the values.

Motor Vehicle Inspection Line:InspectionMotor vehiclePerformanceInspection and measurement of State or ability to work.

3. Diagnosis: In the case of non-disintegration (or unloading only a single part),ConfirmOf the vehiclePerformanceCondition or determination of malfunctionPosition,And to itsThe reasons for testing, analysis, and judgment.

4. Automobile diagnosisDataIncluding the work processData, Accompanying processDataAnd geometric dimensionsData。

DiagnosisDataThe selection principle: sensitivity, single value, stability, information, economy6 Types of diagnostic criteria: country, industry, place, enterprise.

7,DataComposition of the Standard:Automotive Inspection LinesInitialPF, allowed PD and limit PN.

Classification of measurement errors:According toThe representation method of measurement errorThere are two kinds, respectively, areAbsolute and relative,Automobile inspection line in accordance withThe occurrence law of measurement error is divided into systematic, stochastic and negligent,According toThe state of measurement error is divided into static and dynamic.

9,Automotive Inspection LinesThe absolute error is the difference between the measured value and the measured value, and the relative error is the ratio of the absolute error of the measured value to the true value of the measured values, expressed as a percentage.

10,Automotive Inspection LinesGenerally use the maximum reference error does not exceed the allowable value, due to classification accuracy level, the general accuracy level is0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0, etc.

Automotive Inspection LinesCan be strictly tested to ensure the safety of motor vehicles, the above isAutomotive Inspection LinesNormal check of the ten common problems, if your motor vehicle also has the above problems, please do your best to repair in a timely manner to ensure your safety.