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What we should know when cars are tested in automotive inspection line equipment
- 2019-01-21-

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentI thinkA friend who can drive will understand.Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentUsed to detect vehicles, save time, energy, stable performance. UseAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentTesting vehicles, can detect vehicle failure, to avoid blind maintenance of car owners.So, It is necessary to prepare for the successful completion of the inspection work. Can eliminate the safety hidden danger, prevent the accident to occur. In order to make the detection and diagnosis process safer, faster and more accurate, it is necessary to do a good job in the corresponding preparation, strict implementation of the inspection standards. Today, we will explain to you through the textAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentThe type of the. I hopeAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentCan help some friends who want to know.

Monitoring of vehiclesNot only do you need to be professionally prepared,Automotive Inspection Line Equipment,We also need the owner.InAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentIn the detection areaFind the right location, According to the prompts to send the vehicle to the detection line entrance, waiting for detection.

According to the requirements of the Public Relations department and the functional requirements of the car,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentManufacturers toAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentProduction has very important technical requirements, can be very good detection of China's cars, to ensure the safe operation of cars. Here's what you need to checkAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentSome of the systems:

1, Safety performance check line,IsPublic Security Police Department requirementsOfAnnual inspection of vehicles.

2, comprehensive performance testing line,IsRequirements of Traffic Maintenance Management DepartmentToVehicles operate regularly for testing.

3, Environmental Protection Department requirementsTo have a carEco-friendly exhaust inspection line forCarExhaust inspection.

4,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentIt is also used in engine analyzers to detect anomalies in equipment such as engines.

5, exhaust testing equipment, measurementCarExhaust pollution status.

6, fuel consumption table, measurement of 100 km of fuel consumption.

7,Normal simplicity.Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentSo soIt's all in the car.Repair EnterpriseUse,Can be carried outSimple detectionAnd maintenanceAutomotive braking, sideslip and suspension systems.

8, Axle weight Check table: Rated factory weight deviation is too large, will be suspectedThe vehicle is modified.,ThisThe test value is mainly used to calculate the braking.

9, Loudspeaker sound level meter: measure the sound level of the horn exhaust gas testing equipment, measurement of exhaust pollution status.

10, Automobile brake test bench: The main test braking performance.

11, Speed meter check: measure whether the speed meter is accurate.

12, Lighting Tester: The main measurement of light intensity and light deviation.

13, Automobile side slip test Bench: Measure the wheel deviation in the process of linear driving.

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentUsed to guide the tester to operate correctlyAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentEquipment to ensure that the performance of the vehicle is judged to be true and effective, to ensure that the vehicle in use does not often occur problems. Here's what we'll do before we test the automatic production line:

1, turn off the main power door (AC380V, 220V), open the main indoor voltage power supply.

2, open the compressed gas source, check whether the pressure is between 0.6-0.8 MPa.

3, open the brake Table control cabinet power supply and four wheel positioning device power supply, wait 10 minutes to preheat. During the preheating process, you should ensure that all sites are empty.

4. Turn on the primary computer and printer power.

5, the main control machine after the successful start, turn on the login machine power supply, the full line self-test.

6, if the entire self-test success, you can carry out normal testing, otherwise the cause should be identified in a timely manner, troubleshooting before testing.

7,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentCalibration and adjustment shall be carried out in accordance with the methods specified in the specification to meet the requirements before they can be put into use.

8,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentThe supply voltage should be in the±5Range, and strengthen the AC filter.

9,Strictly prevent high voltage into the control line and signal line, control line and signal line should not be too long.

10,If you want to preheat, the test device should be preheated to a specified time before use.

11,Power switches should not be switched frequently.

12,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentAfter use, the power supply should be cut off in time. If cooling is required, the fan in the machine should continue to work for a few minutes until the temperature drops to meet the requirements.