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Related departments and research projects of electric vehicle performance testing Line
- 2019-01-22-

Electric Vehicle Performance Testing LineTo establish a safety and pollution monitoring system in the event that the car does not disintegrate, to ensure that the car has the required appearance and good safety performance, to limit the degree of pollution of the car to the environment, so that it operates in safe, efficient, low pollution conditions. Generally include the following types, which are prescribed by different departments.

1,IsPublic Security Police Department requirements,Electric vehicle safety Performance testing lineIsForThe ElectricAnnual inspection of vehicles.

2, Traffic Maintenance Management Department requirements:Comprehensive performance, operating vehiclesTimeDetection.

3, environment-friendly electric vehicle exhaust detection line, used for electric vehicle exhaust emission testing, in line with the requirements of environmental protection departments.

4, electric vehicle performance testing LineVerySimpleInRepair EnterpriseIs common,Can be carried outBraking, sideslip and suspended automotive systemsOfSimple detection.

For different types of electric vehicle detection lines, this paper introduces the Department management.Electric Vehicle Performance Testing LineCan carry on the quality supervision to the vehicle, establishes the quality control system, ensures the vehicle has the good safety, the reliability, the power, the economy, the exhaust purification and the noise pollution, in order to create the greater economic benefit and the social benefit.

Electric Vehicle Performance Testing LineIs used to determine the technical status or ability to work of an electric vehicle. In the inspection, must have a certain testing equipment. Now, first of all, we need to understandElectric Vehicle Performance Testing LineBasic Standardized information:

1,To formulate the inspection and evaluation rules of electric vehicle operation Technology, standardize the national test requirements and operation technology.

2. Formulate and improveElectric Vehicle Performance Testing LineDetection methods and limit values, such as engine emissions, drive wheel output power, chassis drive power loss, sliding distance, acceleration time and distance, engine fuel consumption rate, suspension performance, reliability, etc.

3, the development of comprehensive performance test station large-scale test equipment certification rules.

InElectric Vehicle Performance Testing LineIn the course of the development of technology,Electric Vehicle Performance Testing LineWe should not only pay attention to hardware technology, but also strengthen the research on the basic technologies such as detection methods and limit values, and improve with the detection methods. The construction of detection technology and software support hardware is also not perfect.