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Distribution and design technology of automobile performance testing line
- 2019-01-21-

Automotive Performance Testing LineThe layout of process design can generally be divided into three categories: second-line synthesis, single-line synthesis and working-level synthesis. The following is a detailed description of the process layout of the automotive performance testing line:

Second line integration that is, safety and environmental protection testing project design layout is a line layout: its power, economy, reliability testing project design layout is another thread. The characteristics of the performance Test line of the second-tier parallel automobile are as: the safety and Environmental Protection Project inspection can enter the line detection, because the single test project and the workstation stay time is short, each work position connection and the process is good, the process is good, the combination ability is good.

Single-line integration is the placement of all projects and devices for comprehensive performance testing at each location in the straight lines. The detection items and equipment arrangement combinations of each vehicle detection line are various forms. Due to the different test items or different equipment functions, the residence time of the working position is also different, which is a single line of integrated process layout of a major difficulty.

Position synthesis the process layout of various test projects and equipment arranged by multiple combinations of operations. For example, it is divided into two parts: Detection and diagnostics.

In the process layout of large comprehensive performance test station, there is also a comprehensive scheme of workshop layout, that is, safety and environmental protection Test workshop, Electric Power economic test workshop and so on. Test items can be arranged in parallel orU-shaped arrangement.

Automotive Performance Testing LineThe process arrangement is directly related to the scale of the detection station and the degree of equipment function. In the actual work, can be arranged according to the specific requirements. In the design of the testing process,

First, use direct sequential detection whenever possible. Test the vehicle arch at the entrance to the workshop. Sewage discharge testing project is large, close to the gate, the main wind direction and wind direction is low, reducing the internal pollution of the workshop. Headlight check the layout and workshop center to avoid errors caused by sunlight.

Process layout diagram of automobile performance testing line

The second aspect, we have to take into account the equal time of each position, that is, the time of each location is roughly the same, the time of the rear position is shorter than the previous position, in order to ensure the smooth detection of the online vehicle.

Third, it should be reasonable in the space layout to ensure that most models do not have space interference and have a small footprint.

In short, all kinds ofAutomotive Performance Testing LineThe process layout should follow reasonable, scientific and applicable process layout principles in order to meet the needs of comprehensive performance testing of electric vehicles.