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The composition of motor vehicle testing equipment and the detection cycle of vehicles.
- 2019-01-22-

With the continuous of China's automobile industryProgress,Automotive Inspection LinesWas born in this regard, andContinuous improvement.Motor Vehicle Testing EquipmentOnIt means based onCalculationMachine design and manufacture ofMotor vehicle testing equipment for vehicle performance testing。 It uses a microprocessor as the control unit to integrate all the measurement links in the system organically,Enables computers to haveUnique functions such as programming, automatic control, data processing, analysis, judgment, storage and printing. IntelligentMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentUsually by sensors, amplifiers,A/DConverters, microcomputer systems, monitors, printers, and power supplies.

And conventionalMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentIn contrast, intelligentMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentThe advantages are more pronounced, for example:Automatic 0-point calibration and automatic precision calibration, automatic range switching, automatic function selection, automatic data processing and error correction, automatic timing control, automatic fault diagnosis, convenienceUse。

Motor Vehicle Testing EquipmentCan be eliminated in a timely mannerLong time with the car causedThe hidden danger of vehicle safety, supervision and strengtheningOwnersOf the vehicleRepair & amp; maintenanceReduceDue to vehicle performance.Traffic accidents,Has strengthenedSocial Security and stabilityOfGuarantee.Motor Vehicle testing equipment onDifferent vehicles have different detection deadlinesRequirements。 The main types of detection due dates are:

1、Have toTest once a yearOf vehicles haveTractors and other motor vehicles, in the prescribedTimeQualified by safety technical inspection,OKDriving motor vehicles may not be repeated for inspection.

2, Passenger car operation5Years, once a year,5Years or more, each6Check once a month.

3, Small, micro-operated passenger cars in6During each2Check once a year, more than6Checked once a year, exceeding15Years per6Check once a month.

4、Lorries and large and medium-sized non-operating passenger cars are inspected annually for more than 10 years and every six months for more than 10 years.

5, Motorcycles in4During each2Test once a year, more than4Tested once a year.

OtherOutsideMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentManufacturersZibo Credit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.Remind you that vehicles that exceed their useful life cannot be transferredSold, But you can continue to use it. If you buy and sell, you can go first.DmvHandle the scrapping of the car, and thenTo trade。

Through simple technical means, to ensure that China's automobileIndustryOfNormal and safe.Development.

Hope drivers pay special attention to all aspects of the car detection line knowledge.