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Composition and high precision data of automotive inspection equipment
- 2019-01-21-

What we're talking aboutAutomotive Testing EquipmentIs a simple detection line, generally used to repair the company, for the car's braking, sliding and suspension system for simple testing. The advantages are:

In line with the latest national standards: GB7258-2004 "motor vehicle safety technical conditions", GA468-2004 "motor vehicle safety testing projects and methods", JT/T478-2002 "motor vehicle testing station computer control System Technical specification."

The side Slip check table,Automotive Testing EquipmentThe suspension device detector and the axle weight brake checklist are combined to detect sideslip, axle weight, suspension and braking performance. It has the characteristics of concentrated working space, compact structure, small footprint and strong practicability.

Can detectAll kinds of axle weight in the car3t'S Car,Can allowAxial weight6t of Vehicles Pass.DriverCan be based onAutomotive Testing EquipmentThe requirements, select the cart line or small car line. Especially suitable for automobile repair shop, automobile maintenance Service Center (3S, 4S Shop), bus company, small car testing station.

The system has a variety of online interfaces, can be easily with lighting devices, exhaust gas, smoke, pedal force, speed meter and other equipment supporting the use.

In additionAutomotive Testing EquipmentCan also control the use of industrial computer control, fully automatic program detection,LED display operation prompts to display the test results, automatically print the test results after detection.

Automotive Testing EquipmentComputer automatic control system is suitable for new construction or transformation of automobile maintenance and sales department3 tons, 10 tonsAutomotive Testing Equipment。 The working condition is flexible and the system runs stably, and the system has both automatic and semi-automatic working methods, which can be switched at any kind. The use of industrial computer, multi-station centralized control, reduce the area, equipped with digital communication interface. Stable and reliable work, easy maintenance.

Automotive Testing EquipmentThe database structure is open and uses a fully compatibleSQL Server relational database for easyDriverTwo developments were carried out on the basis of the system. The test data has high precision, the test data satisfies the error precision stipulated by the national standard, the data acquisition is good and the precision is high.Can detectMaximum braking power, braking process, braking power and braking power process, wheel resistance, wheel weight, suspension vibration curve, sideslip. And automatically print and save test results.

When not detected, it does not mean that there is no or zero, but rather that the content of the target in the tested sample is below this minimum detection limit. This difference in many areasIs important in all cases. The above is the introductionAutomotive Testing EquipmentAnd hope to help you in your future work.