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Parking brake Performance tester inspection and monitoring active bad how to deal with?
- 2019-01-22-

Reform and opening up to now, with the improvement of the country's transportation roads and other infrastructure and the accelerated development of the import R & amp; d and production of motor vehicles, China's motor vehicle industry has been significantly developed, in order for people to be able to safely drive motor vehicles, soAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentIn theParking Brake Performance TesterIs something that has to be done.

Machine Parking brake Performance detector in the use of the process is bound to appear a variety of problems, so how to deal with the machine parking brake performance detector detection of bad braking failure?

1, brake drum and friction lining contact is not good, brake drum roundness or brake tile deformation greater than 0.5 mm, resulting in friction lining and brake drum contact is not good, braking friction torque is reduced. If the aircraft parking brake performance tester does not have this phenomenon, must be drilled or repaired. Brake drum diameter should not be greater than 220 mm, otherwise new parts should be replaced.

2, into the brake tube of the air caused by the braking is too slow, the brake tube becomes hot, the tube residual pressure is insufficient, resulting in evaporation of the brake fluid, bubbles appear in the pipeline. Because the gas can be compressed, the braking torque decreases. During the repair process, the air in the brake pump and tube can be discharged, and enough brake fluid should be added.

3, the gap is not appropriate. The gap between the inner wall face of the brake drum and the working face of the brake mill is too large, and the piston stroke of the pump is too large, which leads to the braking is too slow and the brake torque decreases. During the repair process, the braking gap has been fully adjusted according to specifications, that is, to use a flat-head screwdriver to pull the ratchet out of the high-speed hole, brake hoof completely open, eliminate the gap, Ratchet return 3 to 6 teeth, so as to achieve the standard gap.

4,Parking Brake Performance TesterThe brake tube leaks or does not pass, the brake fluid is too little, the brake oil pressure is too small so it fails. Therefore, to check the brake line on time, eliminate leakage, add brake fluid, clear the pipeline.

5, the grinder is oil scale or immersed, the friction coefficient drops greatly, resulting in braking failure. So to remove the maintenance, first use gasoline to clean the grinding film, heat and bake the spray lamp, so that the oil from the membrane seepage. When the oil is seriously oozing, a new film must be replaced. For dipping water grinding material, continuous braking can produce thermal energy evaporation moisture and restore its friction coefficient.

6,Parking Brake Performance TesterBrake total pump, part of the pump leather bowl broken, brake pipeline can not produce internal pressure caused by oil leakage, resulting in poor braking effect. Remove the brake master pump, remove the leather bowl in time, replace the worn damaged parts.