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How strict is the production of automotive inspection lines? What conditions and checks are required?
- 2019-01-21-

EstablishAutomotive Inspection Lines, There must be a fixed location, well-furnished car parks, lanes and ramps to test the braking of the vehicle (the Motor Vehicle Safety Technical Inspection Agency, which has only a vehicle inspection line, does not have to set up ramps). Traffic signs and marking are set up as required and must not interfere with traffic. Other conditions must include:

First, each vehicle inspection line shall have at least one chief surveyor with the technical title of engineer or technician, as well as three personnel with theoretical knowledge and repair experience in a certain motor vehicle. Able to use testing equipment skillfully, correctly evaluate the safety performance of vehicle inspectors, equipment maintenance personnel and computer operators.

The second is equipped with a Computer management system to meet the needs of motor vehicle safety and technical testing services, connected with the computer on the ground quality Technical Supervision Department and the Traffic Management Department of the Industrial Safety Agency.

Third, to carry out safety technical inspection of accident vehicles, modified vehicles and scrap vehicles, and should also be equipped with one to two engineers or technicians with more than one year experience in motor vehicle safety technical inspection.

Automobile testing line production enterprises have a professional plant to establish automotive testing lines, but also requires spacious, ventilation, lighting, drainage, rain prevention, fire prevention, lightning protection, safety and other measures excellent. The inspection plant shall be separated from the business hall. Each working position has a corresponding inspection position, reasonable layout of the car detection line.

In addition to the procedures required above, security checks are required in various departments, asAutomotive Inspection LinesThe processing process of the application is very strict. Because it's about driving safety and pedestrian safety, whether it's a job or an application, it's a very serious question. The establishment of automobile detection line processing procedure has the following links:

Automobile inspection line includes: Traffic police safety check; Operation Management comprehensive performance test (two maintenance entrustment test) provided by the test report card approved by traffic police or Operations management department.

Department of Industry and Commerce (traffic police) filing Registration Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau qualification certification Equipment verification (provincial metrology and Verification Institute) will also provide qualification certification involved in:"Quality Manual", "program file". The staff of otolaryngology and related posts are appointed.

The head of monitoring technology must have a college degree or above and hold an engineer's certificate. Practitioners must also handle: the head of the organization, technical person, quality supervisor, tester, tester, archivist, internal auditor, supervisor, computer network Administrator qualification certificate. The ejector must holdA1 driver's license.

Remind you to complete the application information and procedures during the application process. If you haveAutomotive Inspection LinesThe process has other problems, you can contact the automotive inspection line manufacturer. We have a professional technical team and human resources. We look forward to your arrival.