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Parking Brake Performance Tester

Parking Brake Performance Tester

Product Details

Parking Brake Performance Tester

An overview of the

The lzc-b parking brake performance tester is used to measure parking brake performance of vehicles. This instrument USES force sensor to measure the braking force of the motor vehicle when parking, and the parking braking mode on the ramp is converted to the braking mode on the flat road by mechanical device. It solves the problem of insufficient space for urban motor vehicle testing stations and inconvenient construction of standard ramps, and provides a convenient and accurate test method for middle road test braking performance in technical conditions for motor vehicle operation safety (gb7258-2017) and motor vehicle safety test items and methods (GB21861).

In the process of measurement, the parking brake force is detected in real time. When the braking force reaches the qualified standard, it will send out the acousto-optic signal, and when the blocking force exceeds the qualified standard, it will also send out the acousto-optic signal, and display the measured force value and maximum force value in real time. The instrument itself has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient installation, and is suitable for motor vehicle inspection stations, accident vehicle inspection, automobile repair shops, etc.

Ii. Main technical indicators

※ range: 100kN

※ maximum allowable error: 2%;

Resolution of the instrument: 0.01kN

Three, the main characteristics

※ LCD LCD, backlight display, 128 32 lattice Chinese display.

※ the measurement result can be printed.

※ powered by 6 AA rechargeable batteries, it can work for more than 10 hours continuously.

※ the computer sends the information of the vehicle under test to the instrument through the RS232 interface, and the test results can also be sent to the computer for convenient operation.

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