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Working principle and workflow analysis of electric vehicle performance detection line
- 2019-01-21-

The performance testing line of electric vehicle is the testing equipment to ensure the normal operation of electric vehicles in China. We can quickly check our electric cars with tests.

Electric Vehicle Performance Testing LineThrough strict working principles and simple operating procedures, the electric vehicle is checked in detail to make it safer to drive an electric car.

Let's learn about the working principle and monitoring steps of the electric Vehicle performance Test line:

The performance testing line of electric vehicle uses test instruments to measure the braking, steering, illumination, horn noise, exhaust and other technical parameters of agricultural machinery. Through networked control equipment, the collected data is fed into the computer to determine whether it is qualified or not.

Brake test Bench is responsible for testing the braking performance of agricultural machinery equipment, flat-panel brake test bench is mainly in the agricultural machinery on the motion detection line for testing. The braking effect is detected by using the inertial effect of sudden braking when the agricultural machinery enters the steel plate at low speed.

Roller Recoil brake test bench is mainly used for the fixed inspection line of agricultural machinery. When braking with agricultural machinery, the wheel on the brake drum gives a reaction force to the rotating brake drum to reflect its braking power.

The above explainsElectric Vehicle Performance Testing LineProcess, let's take a look at the steps of its operation together. The work of electric vehicle performance testing line can be divided into three parts. The content of each section is different. Let's understand these three parts together.

The first to monitor is to enter the car is the first section, mainly to detect speed, exhaust and chassis.

The second part mainly detects the braking performance, which is composed of axle weight measuring table and brake test bench.

The third section mainly measures sliding, lighting, sound level and other items, such as chassis testing or transmitter testing, also placed in this section. After the car went online,LED dot Matrix Display provides instructions. The driver operates according to the instructions on the display. The detection trigger signal is provided by the photoelectric switch.

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