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LFX Type automobile steering wheel torsion test

LFX Type automobile steering wheel torsion test

Product Details

LFX Type automobile steering wheel torsion test

1,Equipment for automobile testing stationsThe main functions and features of:

The steering force and corners of the steering wheel can be tested at 1.1, with immediate, maintenance and peak measurement functions.

1.2 has sensor calibration function.

1.3 Easy and quick measurement of any setting0Point.

1.4 can communicate serially with the computer.

1.5 The inside of the instrument is equipped with a rechargeable battery, fully charged to continuous operation8Hours or more.

1.6The instrument automatically detects the internal battery voltage when powered on, and displays the current battery voltage value in the upper-right corner of the boot interface when the voltage value is lower than6.5VShould be recharged before using.

2, the main technical performance indicators of the instrument:

2.1Steering Torque Measurement range:0~200Nm(Or ±100Nm);Resolution: 1Nm

2.2Corner Measuring Range:0~1500º (or ±1500º);Resolution: 1º

(In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement accuracy, please turn the knob to the minimum value to start the measurement is appropriate)

2.3Measurement error: ≤1% F.S(Full range)

2.4 Internal rechargeable battery voltage of the instrument:6V, Capacity: not less than1600mAh

2.5  Instrument Charging time:3~4Hours.

2.6 Instrument Exterior Size: Phi440~Φ200mm, Weight: approx.5kg, Connection size: Phi380~Φ550mm

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