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What are the functions and advantages of chassis dynamometer?
- 2019-04-22-

CarChassis dynamometerIs to detect the whole function of the car, the role lies in the indoor simulation of the car road travel of various conditions, in order to replace the car on the road to carry out the function of the experiment.

Chassis Dynamometer Features:

1, the mechanical part of the structure is reasonable and firm, the drum through the high-precision dynamic balance test, the appearance through special process treatment, adhesion coefficient up to 0.8 or less

2, the selection of imported eddy current machine, high measurement accuracy, good repeatability

3, computer control simulation of a variety of vehicle operating conditions, with a variety of measurement projects

4, the selection of advanced industrial control computer, modular planning, high system reliability

5, with a standardized data output interface, easy to detect the station network

6, meter monitoring electric eddy current machine operating conditions

At the time of the dynamometer, it is strictly necessary to put forward the strict test situation of the vehicle, that is, the variable speed ratio is close to1, engine water temperature, oil temperature should reach the operating conditions and operating at full capacity (throttle open), in order to make the engine external characteristics (rated power, rated torque) as far as possible to the drive wheel up. AndChassis dynamometerThe function is that the eddy current machine is applied to the reverse braking power of the driving wheel through the drum, one is to force the vehicle engine to speed up and twist due to the increase of the load of the driving wheel, and the second is to give the reverse braking power value to change the power of the method, followed by the Eddy current machine, the reverse braking force applied to the

In the case of a car, once the test condition is confirmed, only the starting speed in the formulaNE is a variable and has a direct effect on the value stability of the driving force Fi. In the case of increased load, NE instability is due to the engine ignition, oil supply, gas distribution and other systems or mechanism problems caused. In other things, the balance principle of force, because of the longitudinal movement of the vehicle, so that there is always a acceleration (a between the rolling and the drive wheel, and (A is a variable. Thus, according to Fi=m А, where m (drive shaft mass) is a constant, then Fi and (a function contact, Force Fi will follow the (A and change, which is reflected in the computer interface torque value over-range change of the reason location.

In summary, to ensure that the accurate test should be satisfied with two basic conditions: first, the drum and the drive wheel line speed should be consistent; the second is that the driving force on the drive wheel and the eddy current machine action on the rolling of the reverse braking force is necessary to be equal in size, the opposite direction.

The main reason why the computer control system of chassis dynamometer can not take the active value at the time of dynamometer comes from the instability of the running speed of the inspected vehicle. Thus, in the use ofChassis dynamometerRightCarWhen testing the power function of the vehicle, I suggest that in addition to the requirements of the vehicle load, tires, fuel, lubrication and heat, in accordance with the relevant specifications and technical specifications, the corresponding requirements should be put forward for the operation of the engine. On the flip side, if there is an unstable phenomenon in the course of the test, the test should be aborted and the quality of the engine function should be judged qualitatively.


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