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The process of detecting motor vehicles in motor vehicle testing equipment
- 2019-01-22-

Motor vehicle exhaust inspection in their own car testing accounted for this important position, after all, environmental protection is very important, determines the living environment of human beings, so in order to environmental protection, motor vehicles in the annual inspection is to be environmental monitoring, so today we come to understand aboutMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentEnvironmental monitoring.

For someMotor vehicle OwnersDo not understand the exhaust detection procedures, processing upOverwhelmed,SoSummarizes the followingSeveralPoint, Welcome to read by Zibo LinkedIn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.Xiao KnittingExplain the knowledge of environmental protection in automotive production lines.

The first part: Information entry. This is in theRegistryTo do.Motor vehicle OwnersJust payMotor vehicleDrivingLicense,JobPersonnelYesWillOwners and vehicles ofRelevant information is entered into the computer.

Part II:SchedulingTo guide the vehicle. The dispatcher is guided according to the assigned lines on the Environmental Protection Inspection Information sheetOwnersDrive into the vehicle inspection line.

ThirdPart: The central control room confirmed the vehicle information. In order to ensure that the vehicle to be inspected enters the correct vehicle detection line, the central control room personnel confirm the accuracy of the vehicle information for the first time after entering the license plate. If the petrol truck entersMotor Vehicle Testing Equipment, You will be prompted for an error. If you enterRightThe vehicle detection line, the computer will prompt the detector to perform the test andForNextTest。

Part IV: Detection of automobile exhaust. This is done by a dedicated vehicle inspection operator.

Part V: Environmental inspection feeThe acceptance。Motor vehicle OwnersUnderEnvironmental protection electric motor vehicle testing equipmentThe test information is carried out on the vehicleSubmittedRates,This link is in theService Room environmental chargesOffice to handlePay.

Part VI: Environmental Protection inspection Audit and environmental protection marking distribution. In the Lobby review window, after the inspection report comes out, the auditorThinkTest resultsCompliance with standards,OwnersTo obtain environmental signs issued by staff.

KnowMotor Vehicle Testing EquipmentKnowledge of environmental testing, I hope you can master the above knowledge link, so that we can contribute a small part of the environmental cause.