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What can automotive inspection line equipment detect?
- 2019-04-24-

Following the continuous improvement of people's skill level,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentDiagnostic skills are evolving, so users are curious about what the device can detect, and to help us understand this common sense, here's a look at it.
1,Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentThe fuel pressure system needs to be tested. View fuel pressure gauges and fuel pressure gauge components to connect tubing and oil gauges. Starting the engine and getting it into idling work, the fuel meter readings should beIn the 270-320kpa range. If the pressure exceeds the skill standard, the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter need to be replaced.
2, view the cylinder injector. So that the engine into idling work, respectively, disconnect each injector plug, to see if its idling speed has changed, if the nozzle of each cylinder is disconnected, the idling drop is fundamentally the same, it is clear that the nozzle work is normal. When disconnecting a injector, the engine idling speed and its stability do not change, then the need to measure the nozzle plug resistance value is 10-13, if not in line with the standard to replace the injector.
3, fuel pump and oil pump circuit view. Fuel pump View: unscrew the fuel tank cover, incineration switch in on position, at the fuel filling port can hear the sound of oil pump work, in normal working conditions, when the incineration switch on the, fuel pump should work for 2 seconds. If the fuel pump does not work, first check whether the oil pump insurance is burned. See if there is a guide between the PGM-FI main relay and the plug terminal, and so on.
Actually, the above just introduces us.Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentTesting part of the content, this article is not here to give us a one-by-each introduction, if you want to learn more common sense can continue to attach importance to us.