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Detection of motor vehicle flat brake test bench in our company
- 2019-01-22-

Although the carPlateBrake test BenchDecided the drum brake table.Some drawbacks,For example"The State of motion is inconsistent (that is, the dynamic axial weight changes caused by vehicle braking are not taken into account), andDrumAffect the measuring force of the tire cladding. Cannot be performed on front and rear bridges at the same time“Detection"And other defects, butBecauseItsDetectionStandApplicable toModelsDetectionVery small range (adaptabilityLow), The initial braking speed is not easy to control, the layout space is large, the wheelbase changes greatly, multi-purpose vehicle detection shaftNot convenientVehicleInbound and other disadvantages。 AndBecauseOther reasons, roller brake test bench in China is still the direction of development.

Different from the drum recoil car brake test bench. PlateBrake test BenchIs aOKWhileDetectionThe four wheels of the car are dynamicThe detector。 It is particularly suitable for the detection of modern cars. During the test, the vehicle travels to the brake disc at a certain speed, the braking is carried out, and the power and weight of each wheel is measured by the sensor measuring mechanism.BecauseThe test process of the vehicle on the platform is carried out under dynamic conditions, so it can more realistically reflect the braking performance of the vehicle. In addition, the flat-panel brake pad can also be used to detect the braking performance of motorcycles.

Efficient, integratedDetection capabilities: Axial weight, braking, sideslip, suspension system data can only be obtained under one foot braking operation, the entireDetectionProcessOnly need to useCompleted in 15 seconds.

PlateBrake test BenchThe vehicle isDetection,BecauseThe change of center of gravity in the braking process, the most vigorous of the front axle is greater thanPercent100.Now.Distribution ratio of braking power before and after automobileIt's not the same as the old car.。 When driving the vehicle braking, the inertial force changes the axial load, the weight moves forward, the axial load of the front axle increases, and the rear axle dynamic shaft load decreases. In order to take full advantage of the load of the front axle, the front axle of the car is now very powerful, often exceeding the static shaft load.

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