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What exactly is a car detection line? What's the use?
- 2019-04-08-

Automotive Inspection LinesAutomated assembly lines for testing automotive safety, performance and environmental protection. Typically, the following types are included:   

1, Safety performance testing line, for the annual inspection of automobiles, for the Public Security Police Department requirements.

2, Comprehensive performance testing line, for the operation of vehicle regular testing, for the Traffic Maintenance Management department requirements.

3, Environmental protection exhaust detection line, for motor vehicle exhaust emissions testing, for environmental protection Department requirements.

4, Simple detection line, generally used for maintenance enterprises, for the car braking, sideslip and suspension system for simple detection.

Automotive Inspection LinesThe devices typically included are:   

1, Car speed table to detect the accuracy of car speed meter

2, Axle weight inspection table and rated factory weight deviation is too large, will be suspected of modification, the detection value is mainly used to calculate the braking

3, Automobile brake test bench mainly test the performance of braking

4, Lighting detector mainly measures light intensity and light deviation

5, Automobile side slip test bench to measure the wheel deviation of linear driving process

5, Loudspeaker sound level meter measurement horn sound level

6, Exhaust gas testing equipment to measure the pollution status of exhaust gas

The comprehensive performance detection line will generally add the following equipment on the basis of the safety wire   

1, Fuel consumption meter to measure the fuel consumption of hundred kilometers

2, Corner meter to measure the front wheel steering angle of motor vehicles

3, Chassis dynamometer to measure motor vehicle rated power, sliding distance, etc.

4, Engine Analyzer testing engine and other equipment conditions environmental protection line is generally equipped with environmental protection dynamometer, exhaust gas analyzer, etc.

AboveAutomotive Inspection LinesThe standard is mandatory, seeGB7258-2004Comprehensive performance involves a lot of standard imageGB18285-2005Such as