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How the tachometer detection of the automotive performance detection line is carried out
- 2019-01-22-

Automotive Performance Testing LinePart of it is dedicated to monitoringInstrument for instantaneous engine speed. It usuallyYesTwo speed gauges,SpecializedMeasure the speed meter of the gasoline engine and use the diesel engine to measure the firewood tachometer.

Automotive Performance Testing LineSmall size,WeightLight, easy to operate, etc.ExcellentPoint. Widely used in automotive, engine production, scientific research, maintenance, supervision and inspection and other departments.BecauseThis type ofAutomotive Performance Testing LineThe use of detection principles and methods is very different from the traditional tachometer. The measurement accuracy can not be verified by the existing speed measurement standard equipment in the measuring department.

At present, the more commonly usedAutomotive Performance Testing LineThe verification method is to compare it with other types of tachometer, such as magnetism and photoelectric. However, this comparison work needs to be done on a special engine test bench. Not only does this method not meetAutomotive Performance Testing LineMeasurement requirements in terms of measuring range, measurement accuracy and stability, and it is difficult for the general measurement department to meet these conditions. Therefore, in order to addressAutomotive Performance Testing LineThe problem of metrology and verification, it is necessary to developAutomotive Performance Testing LineCalibration device.

Automobile gasoline EngineIsIgnited engine.BecauseHigh voltage discharge at each ignition,Automotive Performance Testing LineWill result in changes in the magnetic flux around the ignition coil and in the high-voltage ignition fuse in the engine ignition system. Electromagnetic Ring in tachometer sensorCan feelTo this change, and the change of magnetic flux is converted into a current pulse signal with the same frequency as the ignition frequency of the engine.

There are many ways to install a gasoline engine tachometer sensor, some are sandwiched on a high-pressure ignition tube, and some use a suction cup to suck the sensor on the ignition coil. There is also a contactless type, as long as the tachometer sensor is close to the engine ignition system. Can feel the ignition signal. Through the gasoline engine speed meterOfCalculate the frequency value of the ignition pulse signal collected by the sensor and the stroke value and cylinder value of the engine under test, and calculateAutomotive Performance Testing Line。

Through the many experiments of the designers, the paper summarizesAutomotive Performance Testing LineHow it works. Not only can it detect motor vehicles quickly, but it is alsoAutomotive Performance Testing LineThe unique logo and the necessary components for rapid detection.