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The problems existing in China's maintenance industry need automobile detection line equipment to solve
- 2019-01-24-

As the level of science and technology in the automotive industry has greatly improved. It raises a grim and realistic question for the auto repair industry. The bottleneck restricting the development of automobile repair industry is mainly advanced maintenanceAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentAnd use of personnel.

With traditional experience and methods, China's auto repair industry has long been poorly run. Although it is not enough to eat, but will not starve to death. But now there is no, the popularity of high-tech cars, the maintenance industry's technical level must be improved, otherwise, even if there is food to the mouth, it is difficult to swallow. For example, all cars sold on the market today are electric jets. The electric spray system failed. Without a decoder, it is impossible to determine where the fault is, let alone implement proper maintenance.

Faced with this situation, the size of the maintenance industry bosses, in the search for their own problems, but also began to stir up the car insurance car detection line equipment "bones." "We also know that in order to survive, we have to invest heavily in changing the methods of repairing tests," the owner of a garage told reporters. "However, foreignAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentWe can't even imagine a car repair shop that doesn't suit us, no one will use it; second, the price is too high for us to afford. However, now the domestic car detection line equipment, the same problem has arisen, let us worry. The chief executive of the domestic well-known automobile testing line equipment manufacturing company also told reporters that the urgent problem that domestic automobile testing line equipment manufacturing company needs to solve is not the technical level of the product, but the localization of the product and the price of performance. We have to get out of the wrong place and find the right solution.

Well, ourAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentShould adapt to the changes in the car repair market. According to the new industry demand to adjust the enterprise's own shortcomings. Attach importance to the innovation and research and development of science and technology, the use of new technologies, in accordance with the standards and policies required by the State to gradually improve this market. The formation of China's unique economic model.