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Requirements for inspection of lights by performance testing lines for electric vehicles
- 2019-01-22-

With the prevalence of environmental protection, there are now more and more electric vehicles, which not only solve the problem of travel, but also conducive to the protection of the environment, so, electric vehicles are more and more popular, but electric vehicles are also cars, its travel safety performance is also required to have indicators requirements and test tests, so that now there is aElectric Vehicle Performance Testing Line。 Today, let's talk about the lighting detection requirements for electric vehicle performance testing lines and electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle performance testing line not only protects the normal operation of electric vehicles, but also in the vehicle light beam irradiation is very strict inspection. Today, let's take a look at the test requirements for electric vehicle performance testing lines for beam irradiation in electric vehicles.


Electric Vehicle performance Test line inspectionMeasurement of electric vehicle headlight headlight and far light single beam when illuminating the position, the current light shines on the screenAt 10 metres, it is required to leave the ground at the center of the screen beam, the bus for 0.9 h-1.0 H, and the other electric vehicles for 0.8 h-0.95HThe electric vehicle needs the horizontal position of the headlight far light. Left lamp can not offset more than170 mm, right lamp can not exceed 350 mm, right lamp can not be offset, can not left or right distance greater than 350 mm;


Second, the electric Vehicle performance Test line detects that the headlight is near the beam and lights up on the screen toAt a distance of 10 meters, the corner or midpoint of the passenger car's near-light beam should be 0.7-0.9 hours (h is the base height of the headlight) and the height of the other motor should be 0.7-0.9 hours. The vehicle should be 0.6-0.8h. Electric vehicles (except electric vehicles fitted with a headlight), headlights close to the horizontal position of the beam, must not exceed 170 mm on the left side and must not exceed 350 mm on the right;


Third, the position of the near-light headlight used in the Assembly of Wheeled tractor transport aircraft is determined according to the above method, and the beam height of the screen center can not exceed0.7h; Horizontal position requires that the right offset cannot exceed 350 mm and cannot be left offset.


I hope the above will help you understandElectric Vehicle Performance Testing Line。 Times are developing and information is constantly being updated. If there is any improvement in the text, please let us in time. We will be very grateful!