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Development trend of precision automobile detection line equipment in China
- 2019-01-24-

Self -20Century90Years,Precision Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentHas been widely used in China, has become a necessary equipment for industrial product testing. After a simple projector, two-time image measuring instrument, high-end three coordinate measuring machine three stages of development, the currentPrecisionAutomotive Inspection Line EquipmentTend to be intelligent, automated, integrated, to solve the limitations of artificial naked eye and internal gauge detection. Developed according to industry requirementsPrecision Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentHas gradually become a panacea for the problem of high precision detection of industrial products.

Precision Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentIt is closely related to our daily life, which many people do not understand. Here are two simple examples, such as smart touchscreen phones that are now popular with young people. The detection of mobile phone glass can not be separated from the use of two times imager. The measurement of glass thickness of mobile phone, the measurement of flatness, the measurement of ink thickness, etc., all require the use of two measuring instruments. The detection of private cars, body bodies and the measurement of various parts in China is one of the applications of the three coordinate measuring instrument. Each part of the car can only be used for us if it is tested by a three coordinate measuring machine.

At present, this two-time image instrument and three coordinate measuring machine through the high integration of software technology, machine vision technology and electronic technology, formed a complete set of comprehensive testing equipment. It has been widely used in various industries of industrial testing and can measure various parameters at the same time. Such as size, appearance, electrical performance and so on. This test equipment is usually non-standard test equipment and needs to be developed according to industry characteristics or the special needs of customer testing. Therefore, it is also a kind of really meet the needs of customersPrecision Automotive Inspection Line Equipment。

This high-end testing equipment combined with international high-end precision testing components, can intelligently measure and record data, accurately screen out good and bad products, not only save labor costs, while allowing enterprise production lines to upgrade and create more profits. But industry insiders believe that ChinaAutomobile Detection Line Equipment technologyAnd the current status of instrumentation is still not very satisfactory. The main reason for this is that these R & amp; d companies are scarce resources in China.

As a national high-tech enterprise,Zibo Fuze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Precision testing field has accumulated a large number of technical experience, developed a large number ofPrecision Automotive Inspection Line Equipment。

Based on the concept of technological innovation and demand-driven innovation,Nobuyasu ElectronicsAdvocate tailor-made test solutions based on customer production line differences to provide a complete range of solutions, from consulting services to R & amp; d services. To help customers complete a series of key delivery projects from requirements survey to product delivery, rigorous and pragmatic solution to the Manufacturing line batch testing problems, for the entire manufacturing production test to point the way.

Automotive inspection lines take full advantage of the central role of two measuring instruments and three coordinate measuring machines, while using state-of-the-art laser technology, virtual instrument technology, vision technology and electronic technology to customize and develop related productsPrecision Automotive Inspection Line Equipment。 The technical content of these custom testing equipment is very high. Its presence makes the original very cumbersome and complex, and becomes reliable and efficient.

With the development trend of industrial automation and industrial upgrading in China, industrial testingPrecision Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentThere will be a lot of market space. At the same time, China must attach importance to R & amp; D and innovation in order to become an industrial powerhouse.