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Design knowledge and problems to be considered in automobile level two maintenance inspection line
- 2019-01-22-

Here's what we need to do to get a better graspAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineOf basic knowledge. They have six, but they look simple, but they actually look like a huge database.

1, the basic knowledge of mechanical drawing.

2. Knowledge of tolerance and cooperation.

3, to suppress the basic knowledge.

4, electrical knowledge.

5, commonly used knowledge of metal materials.

6, commonly used non-metallic materials knowledge.

AboveAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineManufacturers teach you to masterAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineThe basic knowledge, It's not enough to know that, and it takes a lot of other design planning knowledge, so let's take a look at it.

Automotive level two maintenance inspection lineIs what every driver should know, in order to better understandAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineThe overall layout principle, the following byAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineFactory staff to explain to you:

1, regardless of the number of workplaces and layout order,Automotive level two maintenance inspection lineGeneral use of straight groove layout,Convenient continuousHomework.

In order to improve the detection efficiency, the testing time required for each position should be more balanced. For example, if a four-position detection line is particularly time-consuming for several test items in the third location, the vehicle in the first and second positions will wait for a long time and the fourth position will be idle for a long time.

Consider the cooperation of the pilot project. For example, the weight of the weighing shaft must be carried out before the braking is measured; the measurement of the headlight is time-consuming, but it can be placed in the same position as the exhaust gas in order to measure the exhaust gas while adjusting the pre-lighting device. In addition, a number of projects were tested in front of the car (such as front axle weight, anterior brakes, sideslip, headlights), and some items were tested at the back (e.g. rear axle weight, rear brakes, exhaust gas, smoke). Other items can be in front of the car, or behind the vehicle (such as speedometer calibration), and the car can only move forward, can not back on the detection line.

NeedConsider the working environment of the workshop. Exhaust gases must be emitted when testing exhaust gases, fumes and calibration of the speedometer. When measuring the speed meterVoiceLarger. So don't put these things in the middle of the Test line Hall.

Automotive level two maintenance inspection lineManufacturers have strong production technology and broad market base, want to learn more aboutAutomotive level two maintenance inspection lineThe situation, you can contact us, we will provide you with more detailed questions and answers.