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How should automobile inspection line equipment be properly maintained?
- 2019-04-12-

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentAs a common testing equipment in the motor vehicle industry, the requirements for accuracy are very high, in order to ensure the correctness of the detection, we need to maintain it according to the following methods:
1, Every one months, view once
Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentSideslip sensor to ensure that its output signal does not exceed the specified value.
2And when not in use, lock the sliding plate to prevent the sensor from being damaged by the frequent shaking caused by external elements.
3, Do not park vehicles or accumulate debris, timely removal of mud, water and garbage, in order to prevent them from immersion on the Sideslip table, resulting in damage to the Taiwan body and sensors.
4Use3After a few months, you should check whether the measuring equipment lever mechanism and return equipment and linkage equipment and other actions are sensitive, such as the action is not sensitive or hysteresis, should be timely cleaning and smooth, if necessary to repair or replace the relevant parts.
5Use6After a few months, the sliding plate should be removed periodically to view the rollers and rails under the sliding plate to view
Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentAll parts have no dirt, deformation, loosening, rust, wear and other conditions, and cleaning, fastening and smooth work, the wear of serious parts should be replaced as appropriate.