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Roller-type Security Performance Test Line

Roller-type Security Performance Test Line

Product Details

Roller-type Security Performance Test Line

Features of system

High-quality testing equipment

Easy hardware lines, work independent of each other, stable

and reliable performance

Detection of single-car heavy: less than 10 tons(10 tons

optional testing equipment), or less than 15 tonnage(15 tons to

be selected testing equipment

Three vehicles at the same time on-line detection

Operation and Maintenance easy

Satisfied motor system is fully up-to-date detection and related

national standards

Optimize the layout of work spaces

Online data maintenance, online vehicle scheduling Detected

Intelligent automatic detection, scheduling Freedom

Increase in having to queue up, system, or barcode, or IC

systems, will allow the entire management from disorder to

order; complete data networking functionality, monitoring data

can be sent to the higher level department in charge of

Digital communication technologies, highly reliable industrial

modules, easy maintenance

Large relational database, easy maintenance and powerful

Provide intelligent automatic functions built table, build complex

table becomes as easy as typing WORD

Comprehensive system diagnostic capabilities, user-friend


WINDOWS platform in operation, human-machine interface is