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LDX-2400Ultrasonic cleaners

LDX-2400Ultrasonic cleaners

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LDX-2400Ultrasonic cleaners

Sound waves with a frequency higher than 20KHZ become ultrasonic waves. The propagation of sound waves is also a way of energy transmission. In the liquid, and the existence of tiny air bubbles (Cavitation nucleus), when the Ultrasonic wave to positive pressure and negative pressure caused (the alternating frequency is tens of thousands of times per second) in the form of travels in a liquid, these small Cavitation nucleus in the negative pressure zone grew rapidly, and due to the generation of negative pressure and in positive pressure area because of the positive pressure and sudden rapid closure is broken, and this is Ultrasonic Cavitation (Ultrasonic Cavitation). Cavitation can be used to the sound field energy together, accompanied by cavitation bubble collapse in an instant, the tiny space in the liquid inside the highly centralized energy released form unusually high temperature (> 4000 °) and high pressure (> 5 x 10000000 pa). When the first workpiece immersed in a first solution, ultrasonic with strong effect of cavitation on the internal and external surfaces of the workpiece, so it is particularly suited to complex porous, cannot use hard scrubbing is bright and clean surface.

The equipment used in the automobile testing station USES the perfect combination of ultrasonic physical cleaning and chemical cleaning medium, and optimizes the selection of ultrasonic frequency band and power density, so as to realize the full and thorough cleaning of oil, carbon, colloid and other dirt inside and outside various parts and components.

The transducer used in LDX series ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following characteristics

(1) the whole machine is composed of a new type of 100W transducer in parallel. A single transducer is small in size, light in weight, not easy to fall off, and convenient for assembly, maintenance and replacement.

(2) the transducer is clamped between metal blocks by a piezoelectric ceramic plate with a clamping structure, which is fastened by a bolt through the central hole. In this way, the piezoelectric crystal is not easy to break, and the output power is large.

(3) the acoustic wave radiation section of the transducer is perforated, which broadens the frequency band of the transducer and makes the cleaning machine work stably.

We will customize different types of equipment according to customer needs.

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Parameter characteristics

Inner dimension

External dimension: 920x720x760mm

We defeat power 3000

Heating power 8

Ultrasonic direction

Power soppy 380

Applicable automobile model Applicable automobile automobile all kinds of cars

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