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LDQ -B All-purpose autombile electric detector

LDQ -B All-purpose autombile electric detector

Product Details

LDQ -B All-purpose autombile electric detector

LDQ -B All-purpose autombile electric detector is an indispensable test equipment in automobile maintenance work,The circuit design of this test bench adopts advanced integrated circuit(Such as precision timing circuit)And new components(E.g. photoelectric coupling, high-power switching integrated circuits, etc.),Stable performance and strong anti-interference,Instrument power consumption is small, appearance beautiful and generous,Accurate test and clear reading,Suitable for all four-stroke gasoline engines,Automotive electrical testing for cathode or cathode iron(No conversion switch required).

Main measurement Items

1. the measurement of ignition coil and spark plug performance

2. the measurement of ignition capacitors

3. Inspection of Rectifier diode performance

4. inspection of automobile line break

5. the use of rotational speed measurement function, to determine the operation of a cylinder

6. Measuring engine speed

7. Measurement of dynamic distributor Platinum closed angle

8. inspection of electrothermal water temperature meter

9. inspection of electric heat oil meter

10. Inspection of electrothermal fuel meter

11. Inspection of Automobile ammeter

12. measure the working status of the starter

13. measure the operating status of the voltage regulator

14. Measuring the starting voltage of the battery

15. Measurement of battery voltage

16. measurement of ignition high pressure

17. check whether the electric injection car injector work is normal

18. the cleaning of electronic injection oil device

19. check the electric jet car idle speed control valve good or bad

20. three-pin discharge performance test


Main parameters

Project Range Error

DC Voltage 0~30V±2.5%

DC Current 0~500A±2.5%

Closed and angular 0~90 (0~60) Degree ±5%

RPM 0~5000 Rotation/Min ±5%

Capacitance 0.1~0.5Uf±10%

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