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LDQ -C All-purpose autombile electric detector

LDQ -C All-purpose autombile electric detector

Product Details

LDQ -C All-purpose autombile electric detector

LDQ-C Type Automobile electrical Appliance Universal test Bench is an indispensable test equipment in automobile maintenance work,The circuit design of this test bench adopts advanced integrated circuit(Such as precision timing circuit)And new components(High-power switching integrated circuits, etc.),Stable performance and strong anti-interference,Instrument power consumption is small, appearance beautiful and generous,Accurate test and clear reading,Automotive electrical testing for gasoline and diesel engines. 

Specifications and Technical performance:

1. Power supply

AC: Three-phase four-wire AC380V

Dc:12V 24V(Supplied by Battery)

2,Inverter motor

Inverter Motor:50Hz380V2.2KW2.6A, Maximum speed2850R/min

3,Frequency converter

Output frequency range: 0-50 Hz, Power:2.7Kw.。

4,Generator Detection Range

Generator Power below 1500W

Various silicon rectifier Generators

5,Starter Brake Device

Maximum braking torque:200NM 

Maximum braking dc current:1000A

DC Voltage:0--50V

6,Test items:

Silicon Rectifier Generator Inspection: No load, load

Starter Inspection: empty, brake torque

Distributor Inspection: Distribution of electric combustion uniformity and ignition advance

Ignition coil spark plug inspection: ignition Performance

Voltage Regulator Inspection

Electric Wiper Inspection: Action status

Ignition High pressure test

Ignition CapacitorsInspection

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