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LSD Automobile speedometer tester

LSD Automobile speedometer tester

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LSD Automobile speedometer tester

 Automotive Testing EquipmentThe use of Wisco high-quality steel plate, the overall fuselage, installation leveling simple, world-famous non-contact sensor, brand-name airbag pneumatic single liangping step lift,190mm drum inside and outside synchronous processing, the main auxiliary drum all rolling treatment, speed table at both ends of the set to prevent speed detection when hanging tire mechanism, high balance accuracy, 120km/h speed detection, no vibration, my company's unique characteristics: an extension of lifting airbag lifting life, two speed table at both ends of the set anti-scratch tire mechanism.

1, drum diameter: φ190mm

2. Maximum Axial load: 3t

3, Speed range: 0-120km/h

4,Drum Center Distance:420mm

5, the display error: ±1%

MeetGB/T13563-1992 (roller type car speed meter inspection station) on the speed Meter test bench technical requirements, the implementation of international GB/T13563-2007 (drum car Speed meter inspection station), JJG909-2009 (roller type car speed meter test bench verification procedures), GB7258-2017 (Safety technical conditions for motor vehicle operation), GB21861-2016 (Motor Vehicle Safety technical inspection Project and method)

In line with national standards manufacturing, the whole machine integrated frame structure, safety leveling simple, the use of high-precision sensors, output signal accurate and reliable. High-precision sensor, overall rack, installation and leveling is simple. The axle heavy platform has added a special calibration of the rebate frame to facilitate the customer's own calibration.

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