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LXG Type shock absorber tester

LXG Type shock absorber tester

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LXG Type shock absorber tester

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentIs one of the important parts of automobile chassis. When the automobile suspension device is in abnormal working condition, the dynamic vertical force of the wheel can be small or zero when driving at high speed, which leads to the unstable control of the car, and has serious consequences.

The resonant automobile suspension detector is a testing equipment for determining the performance of the automobile suspension device by means of mechanical excitation to resonate the wheel (including the suspension device of the car), the frame (or the body). By measuring the ratio of the minimum dynamic vertical force of the wheel to the static vertical force of the wheel when the resonance is generated, the absorption rate of the vehicle suspension device under test is displayed by curve graph or numerical value.

Shaft (wheel) weight/suspension instrument is a variety of motor vehicle testing stations, used to measure the front and rear (or left) axle (or wheel) load distribution of motor vehicles and before and after (or around) suspension dynamic absorption ratio of weighing instruments. It consists of a bearing plate, a sensor and a display meter, and is mounted on the load of the axle (or wheel) on the bearing pad, which outputs the signal through the sensor and is processed and displayed on the display table.


Technical parameters

Suspension Inspection Station:

Maximum Axle load Quality 3T

Excitation frequency: >15HZ

Motor power: 2*1.5KW

Display Error:±2%

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