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LGZ-C Series automobile axle load brake compound inspection table

LGZ-C Series automobile axle load brake compound inspection table

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LGZ-C Series automobile axle load brake compound inspection table

Roller reverse axial weight brake composite table is used to measure the braking force and weight of each axis of the inspected vehicle (left and right wheel) instrument and equipment, it is carried by the drum device, driving the drum rotation of the main motor and deceleration mechanism, braking force measurement system and weighing system. Its measurement principle is: When the vehicle brakes, the wheel in the drum device will give the rotating drum a reverse rotation direction of the force, and the reaction force can reflect the size of the braking power. The unit of braking power isN。

Technical parameters

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentStructure overview

The braking test bench is composed of a driving device, a drum device, an lifting device, a braking force measuring device and an axial weight device.

The driving device consists of a motor, a reducer and a chain drive. The drum device consists of a pair of main and driven rollers. Each end of each drum is supported by a roller bearing and a housing on the frame, and the axes of the two rollers are kept parallel, and the drum is equivalent to an active pavement, which is used to support the wheels of the inspected vehicle and to withstand and transmit braking power. The braking device is composed of a force measuring lever and a sensor. The lifting device is arranged between the main and the driven two rollers of the test bench. Axial weight meter by weighing device and measuring sensor group

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