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LST Trinity test line

LST Trinity test line

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LST Trinity test line

LST Type Trinity Detection line

1. Motor vehicle testing equipment is a centralized, multi-functional, fully automatic or semi-automatic test line designed by the company to meet vehicle safety performance tests such as car repair shops 1, 1 and 2nd, car repairing service centers, bus companies, small car test stations, etc. Small footprint, economic, strong applicability, is the best choice for automobile repair enterprises.

2. The detection line control system adopts industrial control and single-chip microcomputer control, the user can choose according to their own situation.

3. The use of industrial computer control system, detection line can be fully automatic program detection, can also be manual program detection, LED display prompt operation, while displaying the test results. Computer color display brake process curve, color printing test results.

4. Single-chip control system, detection line can be tested by automatic program, can also be tested by manual program. Single-chip machine instrument with the Chinese display prompt operation, with a miniature printer, printing test results.

5. Test items: sideslip, shaft (wheel) weight, braking, speed meter (optional), light (optional), exhaust gas (optional), sound level (optional)

6. According to the user's requirements, you can choose a large car line or small car line.

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