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LSW Quaternity test line

LSW Quaternity test line

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LSW Quaternity test line

According to the 3T vehicle skid Detection Platform (single board), vehicle suspension device detection platform (weighing), vehicle braking detection platform platform four functions, equipped with multi-functional industrial Control machine instrumentation or HZD-1 system or multi-functional landing LED dynamic what?

Four-in-oneAutomotive Inspection LinesIt has a centralized type of four functions, such as detecting sliding, shaft (wheel) weight, suspension and braking. The detection line. Because of its small size, small area, many functions, widely used in small car repair shops and car sales. Industry 3, 4S stores, 5S stores and so on.

Composition of the four-in-one detection line

1, Single Scooter example sliding checklist introduces the main advantages of four-piece comprehensive detection line frame

2, all platforms are designed as the overall frame welding type, high strength, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure;

3, brake inspection table equipped with the motor gearbox and drum installation is convenient, the choice of two motor gearbox placed in the middle of the inspection table, so that the whole machine structure more compact. Reasonable

4, the Automobile brake inspection table adopts the new three drum mechanism, has the deceleration device, has the speed Signal Guide device, has the control motor starter device, the signal is accurate and reliable, effectively avoids the drum to the car tire wear. Automobile Brake Inspection Table drum using special process bolt technology, equivalent adhesion coefficient 0.75~0.9, length cycle stability, service life of more than 200,000 times;

5, all platforms are used in domestic well-known brand sensors, high sensitivity, long-term use of stable, anti-fatigue.

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