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LZZ Automobile wheel(axle) weight scale

LZZ Automobile wheel(axle) weight scale

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LZZ Automobile wheel(axle) weight scale

Automotive Testing EquipmentIn line with national standards manufacturing, the whole machine integrated frame structure, safety leveling simple, the use of high-precision sensors, output signal accurate and reliable. High-precision sensor, overall rack, installation and leveling is simple. The axle heavy platform has added a special calibration of the rebate frame to facilitate the customer's own calibration.

Sheet Plate thickness of6mm, welded to the plate with dense groove steel at the bottom of the stage plate, with sufficient measures to strengthen the stiffness, to ensure that the plate in the vehicle long-term milling without deformation.

Not afraid of car pressure, not afraid of scratching damage, but also to ensure that including rims with penetrating holes in the vehicle detection, the vehicle in place information is accurate.The width of the plate is wide and convenient for the detection of ultra-wide vehicles.

Zibo Letter has the independent intellectual property rights of the product, has the provincial quality and technical Supervision Bureau of the type of certificate of qualification.

A, the use of high-precision sensors, low-temperature bleaching signal amplification circuit, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

B, RS-232 Communication interface

1. Axial weight: Revolver weight + right wheel weight

2. Maximum axial weight quality: 13T

3. Maximum allowable wheel load (kg): 6500

4. Axial weight Measurement range: 2* (0~6500) kg

5. Weighing Plate Size: 1000*800mm

6. The error ±2% of the display value,

Implementation standardsJJG1014-2006 "Specification for verification of special shaft (wheel) weighing instruments for motor vehicle testing"

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