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LZG Series free roller

LZG Series free roller

Product Details

LZG Series free roller

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentThe automobile free drum is used as the auxiliary equipment for measurement, especially to detect the vehicle of the double linkage bridge, when the one axis is placed on the test bench, the other axle is placed on the free drum to simulate the pavement for testing to ensure the safety of driving.

Main technical parameters

Maximum Load quality: 3T/10T/13T/15T

Drum diameter: 190mm

Airbag pressure: 0.8MPa

Number of rollers: 6

Structure overview

The mechanical part of the experimental platform consists of a motor frame, a drum, a lifting system and a measuring sensor. As shown in the figure:


As the auxiliary equipment of the brake table or the speed table, it plays the role of simulating the pavement of the double-bridge vehicle. So that the vehicle personnel in the test does not occur at risk.


Must be based on the basic map provided by our factory to the correct construction, in the area with high groundwater level, to consider drainage measures, to maintain the drying of the foundation groove. Areas with poor soil quality need to be fitted with stone mats, while 12 reinforced steel mesh is laid.

The supporting ditch of the pre-buried cable and trachea should be made at the same time.

The basic center should coincide with the driving center line during construction.

Installation steps

First check to see if the underlying diagram meets the drawing requirements.

When the equipment is shipped to the installation site, be careful to open the box and check the parts for damage or deformation.

The lifting equipment is fitted with foot bolts and then hoisted to the base.

Decide on the center of the inspection station.

The longitudinal centerline AA of the inspection station coincides with the driving center line.

The transverse centerline of the inspection station BB is perpendicular to the driving centerline.