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LZD Type portable brake performance test table

LZD Type portable brake performance test table

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LZD Type portable brake performance test table

Our company produces LZD-C type microcomputer braking performance tester is a microcomputer as the core of intelligent instruments, mainly used in automotive braking performance testing. The host is composed of single chip microcomputer, external sensor, printer, keyboard, LCD display, with data storage, display, printing and other functions, LZD-C type microcomputer braking performance tester using menus and key composite operation, with simple operation, easy to carry, flexible and easy to use and so on.

1, automotive performance Testing line general parameters:

Power supply: Nickel cadmium battery 7.2V;

Charging power supply: DC12V;

2, the main measurement parameters:

(1), the reaction time of the t1--braking system;

(2), the coordination time of the t2--braking system;

(3), the time when the maximum deceleration degree of t3--braking occurs;

(4), t--total braking time;

(5), Jm--maximum braking speed reduction;

(6), the average rate of reduction issued by the Je--;

(7), the average reduction speed in the whole braking process of Ja--;

(8), Sc--test speed, coordination time within the forward distance;

(9), S--test speed under the total braking distance;

3.Technical parameters:

①, braking time: Measuring range: 0.00~10.00 s Error: 1%

②, brake reduction Speed: Measuring range: 0.00~9.80M/S2 error: ±0.1 m/s2

③, braking distance: Measuring range: 0.00~99.99 m Error: 5%±0.10m

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4. Test standard

Automotive Performance Testing LineAccording to GB 7258-2017 "Automotive safety Technical conditions", the braking power tested on the braking test bench for automobiles and car trains should conform to the table13-1Of the requirements. When braking force test, brake pedal force or brake pressure should conform to the table13-2Of the requirements.