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LMC Full vehicle motorcycle brake, speed compound table test line

LMC Full vehicle motorcycle brake, speed compound table test line

Product Details


The function of system disposition is complete, the interface is clear and the operation is simple.

It can match automobile lamp test, diesel vehicle exhaust emission test ,automobile exhaust emission detector and noise meter.

Features of system
High degree of automation of unique structure, high reliability and easy operation and accurate measurement
Detect motorcycle axleload 250(less than 250kg), 750 type(less than 750kg)
Satisfied motor system is fully up-to-date detection and related national standards

Functions of software
Large relational database, easy maintenance and powerful
At operating under WINDOWS platform, user-friendly, system stabilit
Comprehensive system diagnostic capabilities, user-friendly troubleshooting
Complete data networking capabilities, test data can be sent to the higher level department director
Provide intelligent automatic functions built table, build complex table becomes as easy as typing WORD, if the increase in pre-queuing systems or bar code, or IC card system allows the entire management from disorder to order
Online data maintenance, online vehicle scheduling Detected