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Farm Machinery Plate Inspection Line

Farm Machinery Plate Inspection Line

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Farm Machinery Plate Inspection Line

Features  amp; features

The system mainly uses the axial weight of agricultural machinery, the performance of braking,The product uses microcomputer centralized control, Windows operating system under the man-machine interface, easy to operate. Even people who do not know the computer can follow the on-screen Chinese prompts, click the mouse to complete the entire testing process, test results can be stored and printed at any time.

The system uses high-precision sensors, low-temperature drift signal amplification circuit, 12-bit A/D conversion, and well-designed software to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.The design and manufacture of mechanical parts meet the requirements of "GB/T13564-92" and other national standards.

Technical parameters

Axial weight test Bench:

Maximum Load quality 3t

Axial weight Measurement range 2* (0-1500) kg

Axis Weight Error 2%

Measurable wheelbase range inner diameter: >700mm

Outside diameter:<>

Brake test Bench:

Maximum Load quality 3t

Wheel Power Measurement range 0-10KN

Braking value error 3%    

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