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Agricultural Machinery Testing

Agricultural Machinery Testing

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Agricultural Machinery Testing

Agricultural machinery testing refers to the testing of the braking, steering, lighting and other aspects of agricultural machinery, in order to ensure the safety of agricultural machinery driving, Zibo Fuze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. changed the traditional detection methods, the use of safety technology testing, more standardized, effectively ensure the scientific and reliable.

Introduction to the function of agricultural machinery testing:

1. Test of distribution pump solenoid valve

2. Check the performance of the pneumatic governor

3. Check the oil and gas supply capacity of the distribution pump

4. Check the negative pressure performance of the gas film governor

5. Check the performance of the booster compensator

6. Sealing test of fuel injection pump

7. Measure the advance angle of the advance device

8. Test the oil supply of each cylinder at different rotational speeds

9. Static check the time of oil supply in each cylinder

10. Measuring the internal pressure of the distribution pump pump

11. Check the performance of the Governor

12. Can debug all kinds of direct pump, distribution pump at home and abroad

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