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Vehicle Environmental Protection Inspection, Diagnosis, Maintenance And Treatment Equipment (Car) Gasoline Vehicle

Vehicle Environmental Protection Inspection, Diagnosis, Maintenance And Treatment Equipment (Car) Gasoline Vehicle

Product Details

I. Gasoline Vehicle (ASM Steady State Operation Method)

Vehicle Emission Gas Analyser

(1) Main functional characteristics

Resolution of component measurement range

HC 0-9999 x10-61 x10-6

CO 0-14.000% 0.001%

CO2 0-18.00% 0.01%

NO 0-5000 x10-61 x10-6

O 2 0-25.00% 0.02%

(2) Indicative error:

Relative Error of Absolute Error in Component Range Range

0-2000 x 10-6 x 3%

HC 2001-5000 x 10-6 x 4 x 10-6 x 5%

5001-9999 x 10-6 x 10%

CO 0-10.00%S 3%

10.01-14.00% taxis 0.02% taxis 5%.

CO2 0-16.00%taxi 0.3%taxi 3%

16.01-18.00% taxi 5%

NO 0-4000 x 10-6 x 4%

4001-5000 x 10-6 x 25 x 10-6 x 8%

O 2 0-25.00% S 0.1% S 5%

(3) Repeatability:

Relative error of component absolute error

HC 3 x 10-6 x 2%

CO 0.02% S 2%

CO2 0.1% taxi 2%

NO 20 x 10-6 x 3%

0.1% oz 0.1% oz 3% oz 0.1% oz 0.1% oz 0.1% oz 3% oz 0.1% oz 0.1% oz 0.1% oz 0.1%

(4) Main functional characteristics:

Detection of CO HC CO 2 and NO in automobile exhaust by non-spectrophotometric infrared absorption

It meets the technical requirements of the new national environmental protection standard GB18285-2018.

Large color LCD display.

It is equipped with R232 serial interface to communicate with external computer.

Chassis dynamometer

Chassis dynamometer is to test the output power of vehicle chassis through the principle of vehicle dynamics, so as to evaluate the dynamic performance of the vehicle. On the other hand, it simulates the actual driving state of the vehicle on the road by loading resistance of the dynamometer of double-drum air-cooled eddy current machine.

Electrical inertia simulation, road resistance simulation, double drum air-cooled eddy current (160KW), airbag lifting, famous brand pneumatic components, embedded core controller, full digital IGBT control mode, meet the maximum total mass of less than 3500 kg vehicle detection.

Allowable bearing mass: 3T

Maximum Absorption Torque: Measurement Range: 1600N.m

Measurement error: <2%

Maximum speed: 130km/h

Measurement error: <1%

Absorption power: 160kW

Drum diameter: 320mm

Drum friction coefficient: > 0.9

Motor vehicle testing equipment, electric vehicle performance testing line, motorcycle performance testing line,

Gas flow analyzer (VMAS steady state method)

[Main technical parameters]

_Quota working environment_indication error

(a) Temperature: 5 ~40; a) Flow: +4%

B) Relative humidity: 20%-90%; b) O 2: +5% (F.S);

C) Atmospheric pressure: 70.0 kpa~106.0 kpa; c) Temperature: +1 C

D) Power supply voltage: AC 220V + 22V; d) pressure: +3%

E) Power Screen Rate: 50Hz + 0.5Hz_Repeatability

_Preheating time: less than 30 min a) flow rate: +2.0%;

_Measurement Range

B) O 2: The relative standard deviation is not more than 1.5%.

A) flow rate: 3-12 m3/min; O 2 response time < 20 s

B) O 2:2~22.5% vol; O 2 drift

(c) Temperature: 5 ~150; a) Zero drift: +2.5% (F.S);

D) Pressure: 70.0 kpa~120.0 kPa b) distance drift: +2.5% (F.S);

_resolution_pressure return error: < 3%;

A) Flow: 0.1L/S; Consumption power: 1000W

B) O 2: 0.01% vol; Weight: 65Kg

C) Temperature: 0.1 C;