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Vehicle Environmental Protection Inspection, Diagnosis, Maintenance And Treatment Equipment (Large Vehicle) Diesel Vehicle

Vehicle Environmental Protection Inspection, Diagnosis, Maintenance And Treatment Equipment (Large Vehicle) Diesel Vehicle

Product Details

Technical parameters of automobile NOx analyzer:

(1) Measurement range and resolution

Resolution of component measurement range

NO x 0-5000 x 10-61 x 10-6

NO 0-4000 x10-61 x10-6

NO2 0-1000 x10-61 x10-6

CO2 0-18% 0.01%

(2) Indicative error

Relative error of component absolute error

NO + 25 x 10 - 6 + 4%

NO2+25 x10-6+4%

CO2 + 0.3% + 5%

(3) Repeatability

Relative error of component absolute error

NO + 20 x 10 - 6 + 3%

NO2 + 20 x 10 - 6 + 3%

CO2 + 0.1% + 2%

(4) Main functional characteristics:

Detection of NO NO_2 CO_2 in Automobile Exhaust by Optical Absorption Principle

To meet the technical requirements of the new national environmental protection standard GB3847-2018

High temperature and oil pollution resistant sampling design is suitable for sampling and analysis of NOX pollutants in various types of diesel-gasoline vehicles and engines.

Large color LCD display.

It is equipped with R232 serial interface to communicate with external computer.

3. Diesel vehicle opaque smoke meter

Technical parameters:

Large screen LCD display, full intelligent man-machine dialogue, menu direct prompt operation. The operation is simple, intuitive and convenient.

The control unit is separated from the measurement unit, which avoids smoke pollution and facilitates reading during testing.

The measurement unit adopts the "air curtain" protection technology, the optical system is free from exhaust pollution, and the measurement system does not need to be cleaned for long time operation.

The constant temperature control of the measuring room prevents the influence of water condensation or temperature change on the measuring accuracy.

The instrument has the functions of self-diagnosis and automatic linear inspection. It is very convenient to maintain and check.

In the free acceleration test and steady state full load test, the test operation is programmed and various measurement data can be automatically processed.


The instrument can print the vehicle information and all the results automatically (optionally), and is equipped with R232 serial interface to communicate with the external computer.

It has the function of measuring speed and oil temperature, which is easy to operate and practical.

Main technical parameters

Working conditions: temperature: 5 40 C;

Relative humidity: no more than 95% of the power supply: 187V ~ 242V, 50Hz + 1Hz.

Measurement range: optical absorption ratio (N): 0-99.9%;

Optical absorption coefficient (K): 0-16.0m-1 flue gas temperature: 0-200 C

Oil temperature: 0-100 C speed: 250-9999r/min

Resolution: optical absorption ratio: 0.1%; optical absorption coefficient: 0.01 m-1.

Flue gas temperature accuracy: +5 C oil temperature measurement accuracy: +5 C

Speed: Measuring accuracy 600-1000 r/min, +20 r/min and other ranges: +50 r/min

Permissible error of indication value: light absorption ratio: +2.0%

The effective length of optical channel is 430 mm

Light Source: 555 NM

Air chamber temperature > 71 C

4. Three-axis six-drum chassis dynamometer

Vehicle power performance is the main index to evaluate the performance and technical status of the vehicle. With the continuous improvement of road conditions, especially the rapid growth of expressways, more requirements are put forward for the power of automobiles. At present, there are limits on the lowest speed of automobiles on expressways, and cars with poor power are not allowed to go on expressways. The rapid development of fast and direct passenger and freight transport also puts forward higher requirements for the power performance of automobiles. Therefore, the detection and evaluation of automotive dynamic performance has become one of the important test items in the comprehensive performance testing of automobiles. The evaluation indexes of automobile dynamic performance are: maximum speed, acceleration time and maximum gradient.

Chassis dynamometer is a kind of indoor test equipment, which can simulate the resistance of the vehicle in actual driving, test the performance of the vehicle and test the technical status of the vehicle. As an indoor vehicle dynamic bench test, chassis dynamometer is mainly used to test the output power and acceleration ability of the chassis.

Production of heavy-duty three-axis six-drum chassis dynamometer, double eddy current machine, three eddy current machine, high absorption power.

technical parameter

Maximum axle load mass: 13T

Maximum absorption power: 598KW

Maximum test speed: 120 km/h

Maximum braking torque: 2500N*M*2