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LMZ motorcycle applies the brake to spurt India

LMZ motorcycle applies the brake to spurt India

Product Details

LMZ motorcycle applies the brake to spurt India

For the purpose of controlling the safety performance of motorcycles, the driving braking distance of motorcycles is measured by LMZ type motorcycle brake printing device.

Technical parameters

Maximum Printing delay: ≤0.05s

Average jet delay time: ≤0.04s

Operating pressure: 0.2~0.6Mpa

Accuracy: 1%

Brake Distance: 0~20m

Power supply voltage: 12V Standard Motorcycle Battery

Mounting Height: The vertical distance between the nozzle and the ground is 130±20mm (the actual height is subject to the specific model. )

Installation and use

1. Place the pedal switch on the brake injector in the state, unscrew the valve core nozzle, open the water valve, and inject 50ml of water into the water inlet from the top of the filling port. Close the water valve and reload the valve core nozzle. The air cylinder with random band is used to inflate it, so that the pressure gauge of brake injector is 0.3~0.4Mpa.

2. Install the brake injector pedal switch on the foot brake pedal (if no pedal device can be replaced by manual switch), brake injector installation According to different models to choose a different way for reliable installation, to ensure that its nozzle and the ground vertical distance of 130±20mm. (The exact distance is subject to the actual model)

3. The instrument cable Connection takes the corresponding plug to dock with the socket. When plugged in, the positive positioning gap will push the plug forward. Unplug the plug housing when removing it. Do not rotate or pull the cable. Red Battery clamp battery cathode, black battery clamp cathode. Power supply It is best to use a motorcycle battery (12V) alone as an instrument power supply. The battery is reliably mounted on the motorcycle and is fastened to the vehicle with a rubber strip.

4. When everything is ready, start the motorcycle to speed up to slightly more than the required speed, pick the gear sliding to the specified speed, immediately step on the foot brake to begin testing. After the motorcycle stops stable, measure the length of the sprayed watermark with a tape measure to instantly brake the distance.


1. After the brake injector is used, remove the water and gas from it. The method is:

(1) Put the instrument nozzle down on the foot switch, release the water and gas inside the instrument.

(2) Loosen the pedal switch and inflate the brake injector, and then work on (1).

(3) Repeat 

(4) of the work can be.

2. Please add clean water free of impurities to avoid corrosive liquids.

3. Check the connection valve or head before use for loose air leakage.

4. Do not point the nozzle at the human jet.

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