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LNL-type torgue wrench

LNL-type torgue wrench

Product Details

LNL-type torgue wrench

The digital torque wrench is a special tool for bolt fastening detection and control, and this digital torque wrench has the characteristics of high precision, accurate measurement, stable performance, low power consumption, simple operation and so on, and is widely used in bolt fastening detection and control in automobile, motorcycle, machinery manufacturing and other industries. It has the characteristics of high precision, beautiful shape, convenient use, good reliability and long service life.

Automotive Inspection LinesMainly used in automobiles, precision machinery, electric power, engines, internal combustion engines and other industries on the fastening torque has strict requirements for threaded parts of the connection.

Main technical parameters

Working conditions: temperature: 5℃~40℃;

Relative humidity: not greater than 95% power supply: 187V~242v,50hz±1hz.

Measuring range: Light absorption ratio (N): 0~99.9%;

Light absorption coefficient (K): 0~16.0mˉ1 flue gas temperature: 0~200℃

Oil Temperature: 0~100℃ Speed: 250~9999r/min

Resolution: Light absorption ratio: 0.1%; Light absorption coefficient: 0.01 mˉ1.

Flue gas temperature accuracy: ±5℃ Oil temperature measurement accuracy: ±5℃

Speed: ±20r/min other ranges when measuring accuracy 600~1000r/min: ±50r/min

Display value allowable error: Light absorption ratio: ±2.0%

Optical channel effective length 430mm

Light Source: 555nm

Gas chamber Temperature >71℃

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