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LQL-1 Frone positioning devices

LQL-1 Frone positioning devices

Product Details

LQL-1 Frone positioning devices


The front wheel positioning measuring instrument consists of a transition radius measuring instrument and an inclination level meter (optional). It is used to measure the turning radius, the outer inclination of the front wheel (optional), the rear inclination of the main pin (optional) and the inner inclination (optional).


This measuring instrument is suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized models, measuring range; 1300-2060mm, inclination level instrument can be easily adsorbed by its end of the permanent magnet on the end surface of the vehicle to be removed, with the advantages of rapid measurement and accuracy.

Measurement principle:

When the car turns, the front wheel axle (steering joint) centerline rotates around the centerline of the main pin, creating a spatial coordinate system in order to illustrate the phenomenon that occurs when turningOXYZ, as shown in the figure

Fig. 1

Set the OA as the main pin centerline, it is on the OYZ plane, the SC is the rear inclination, and assume that the main pin inside the inclination γ=0. OC is the center line of the wheel axle, at the beginning it coincides with the OX axis, so, OA⊥OC, when the wheel on the horizontal surface to the right to a certain angle delta (such as δ=20°), OC is walking through a fan plane OCC1. The angle between the fan surface and the horizontal plane is SC. If at the beginning, that is, OC and OX coincident position, on the OC with a certain curvature radius R of the glass tube blister EF, then the wheel after turning the delta angle, the blister tube moved to E1F1,E1 and F1, two points relative to the horizontal OXY height is not equal, At this position (the height of the F1 point is greater than the height of the E1) the blisters in the tube produce displacement. The displacement depends on the angle gamma of the OC1 and the horizontal plane (when the curvature is certain), and the size of the angular gamma varies with the size of the SC and Delta, and when the specified delta is a certain value, (for example, 20°), the size of the angular gamma is determined only by the value of the angular SC. If the wheel is turned left in advance to the delta angle (to the OC2 position) and the glass tube blisters are flattened, the blister displacement will increase one times (that is, the glass tube will rotate the 2γ angle) if the E, F two points at this position are adjusted to a plane OXY height equal, and then the wheel axis is transferred to the OC1 position.

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