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LQL-2 Frone positioning devices

LQL-2 Frone positioning devices

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LQL-2 Frone positioning devices

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1, the maximum steering angle of the measuring steering wheel;

2, measure the external inclination of the front wheel;

3, the measurement of the main pin after the inclination;

4, the measurement of the main pin inside the inclination;

Principle of measurement

The LQL-2 front wheel is defined as a measuring instrument consisting of two parts: "Corner meter" and "inclination measuring instrument". Used to measure the maximum steering angle of the car front wheel and various positioning angles of the front wheel and other parameters.

1, the front wheel maximum steering angle measurement

The corner meter mainly consists of a base, a turntable, a lock pin and a floating pointer. When the steering wheel is placed at the center of the turntable, the turntable rotates together when the steering wheel rotates left and right, and the scale of the ruler on the turntable is the steering angle of the steering wheel relative to the floating pointer.

2, front wheel external inclination measurement

The external inclination of the front wheel of the car is worth the angle between the front wheel rotation plane and the reference plane under the condition of the car in a straight line. The inclination meter can directly read the value of the outer inclination of the wheel by using the principle of "U" shape level tube.

3, steering main pin internal inclination and rear inclination measurement

When the car is spinning, the front wheel rotates around the center line of the main pin, at which point the angle variation between the radial water level and the reference horizontal plane of the wheel rotation axis and the wheel rotation plane (that is, the outer end of the front wheel, perpendicular to the wheel rotation axis) varies with the size of the tilt value of the steering main pin. The range of variation varies with the size of the front wheel steering angle. In measuring the inclination of the main pin, the front wheel steering angle is specified in the range of the left and right 20°, in the range of the front wheel corner of the 40 °, the principle of the "U" shape tube is used to indicate the angle value of the wheel rotation axis or the radial horizontal plane of the wheel and the reference level, thus indirectly reflecting The scale on the inclinometer is customized with the converted "rear inclination of the main pin" or "inclination inside the main pin", so the inclination value of the main pin of the front wheel can be read on the inclinometer as long as the steering wheel is rotated to a certain angle as required.

Main technical parameters

1, front Wheel corner measurement range: Left 45°~ right 45°

2, front wheel external inclination R measuring range: ±5°

3, front wheel main pin rear inclination beta measuring range: -3°-+10°

4, front wheel main pin internal inclination alpha measuring range: 0°-16°

5. Maximum load capacity of single wheel: 2500kg

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