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LQS Automobile foot beam team​

LQS Automobile foot beam team​

Product Details

LQS Automobile foot beam team

The LQS front ruler consists of a ruler body, a telescopic ruler, a measuring ruler and a measuring contact first class

Parameter indicator


Maximum Measurement size:2040mm

Front beam value Indication range: ±30mm

How to use it

Park the car on a flat, solid road, in a straight position, and follow the steps below to measure the front beam of the front wheel.The front inner rim of the two front wheel of the car is marked, the height of the mark should be equal to the radius of the wheel, and the left and right wheel marks must be high. The measuring contact at the end of the front bundle ruler "measuring ruler" is reached on the mark of one side of the wheel, and the pointer of the ruler is located at the "0" bit, and then pull out the telescopic ruler, is the foot rod at both ends of the "measurement contact" touched on the inside of the two wheels of the mark, and the telescopic ruler tightened, carefully remove the front ruler, keep the length of the telescopic ruler unchanged. Push the vehicle forward so that the marks on the wheel turn to the back of the front axle and make the height of the mark equal to when measured in front of the front axle. The measuring contact at the end of the front beam telescopic ruler is now reached on the mark on the inside of the wheel, and the ruler end is compressed so that the "measuring contact" touches the mark on the inside of the wheel on both side, at which point the scale indicated by the marker arrow is the front beam value of the car's front wheel.

Front Wheel Front beam value"Positive and negative" determination due to the use of different habits, wheel front beam measurement order can be "after the previous", can also "successively before", so in the front of the scale of the dial should not mark the wheel front beam value of "positive and negative". In the actual measurement process, the positive and negative values of the front beam are determined according to the following methods:

As shown in the following figure, the arrow is the driving direction of the car.

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