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LSJ-2 Noise Meter

LSJ-2 Noise Meter

Product Details

LSJ-2 Noise Meter

LSJ-2 type microcomputer sound level meter

LSJ-2 type micro-acoustic level meter is A pocket instrument designed to measure noise, the main technical index is in line with the requirements of GB3185-83 "sound level meter electrical and acoustic performance test method" and IEC651-78 "sound level meter", which are suitable for the testing of noise and traffic noise of mechanical and electrical products.

LSJ-2 Type Micro Acoustic scale is composed of electret microphone, high performance op amp and large-scale digital integration, which has the advantages of stable performance and simple operation. It uses a digital readout device and has a 1dB resolution over a full range.

The measuring range of LSJ-2 type Micro Acoustic scale is 75-120dB (A), the dynamic range is $ dB, and it has the function of instantaneous readout and retention.

Automotive Inspection Line EquipmentMain performance and technical parameters

(1)Accuracy level: the accuracy of the readings under the reference conditions is 1dB.

(2) Measurement range of Sound level meter: 75-120 dB.

(3) Reference incident direction: positive to the front end incident (0° incident)

(4) Reference acoustic pressure level value: dB.

(5) Reference frequency: 1000HZ

(6) Frequency counting characteristics: A count

(7) Detection indicator characteristics: quasi-effective value geophone, dynamic range of dB, 3-bit LCD display, resolution of 1 dB, with overload, battery-driven low sign.

(8) temperature impact: In the 0℃-40℃ operating temperature range, the error is not greater than ±1dB

(9) Humidity impact: The relative humidity 65﹪ when the indication as a reference, when the relative humidity from 30﹪ change to 90﹪, mechanical calibration change is not greater than ±1 dB.

(10) The temperature and humidity values that may cause permanent damage to the acoustic gauge are 70 ℃, 100﹪RH

(11) Warm-up time: 60S

(12) Power supply: 4 1.5V5 battery, the maximum operating power supply is not less than 16mA.

(13) Dimensions and Weight: Dimensions: 200x70x30 (mm), Weight: 0.25kg

Usage & amp; operation

Power supply: Turn on the power switch (right)

Hold/measure switch: Hit to the measuring position.

Measurement:With this instrument aligned with the measured noise source, the instrument can display instantaneous noise decibels, if the measurement noise is to be maintained, the "Hold/measure" switch will be hit to the "hold" position, the meter can be displayed to maintain the instantaneous value of the noise source.When the measurement is complete, hit the switch to the measuring position and the measurement can be made.


When the instrument is not in use for a long time, remove the battery from the table.When the power switch is turned on, the "LO-BAT" letter is displayed in the upper-left corner of the monitor, which is the instrument undervoltage indication, at which point the power supply battery needs to be replaced.

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