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LWl-type automobiles, motorcycles, tractors Tester (Speed non-contact multi-function instrument)

LWl-type automobiles, motorcycles, tractors Tester (Speed non-contact multi-function instrument)

Product Details

LWL-type automobiles, motorcycles, tractors Tester (Speed non-contact multi-function instrument)

The LWL contactless multifunctional speedometer is an intelligent instrument with a microcomputer as its core for the testing of automotive power Performance (fifth wheeled instrument) and economic performance, as well as the testing of tractor traction performance.

Automotive level two maintenance inspection lineMain Features:

Liquid crystal display: The use of dot-matrix LCD Chinese character display, the operation process of Chinese character tips, at the same time can display a number of test data;ConnectionOES-II type contactless speed sensor, test speed up to 200km/h or more, or equipped with five-wheel sensor, test speed up to 200km/h (depending on the sensor);Menu mode, fewer keys, flexible and convenient operation, can be operated according to Chinese character prompts;Built-in rechargeable battery, can be external DC12V power supply;Electric injection vehicle fuel consumption experiment can be carried out, the instrument uses two fuel consumption sensor(Optional), can carry on the electric injection vehicle's equal speed fuel consumption, the acceleration fuel consumption, the six working condition fuel consumption, the hundred km fuel consumption test (the ordinary vehicle can use one fuel consumption sensor); (optional)Built-in miniature Chinese character printer, test results directly Chinese character printing, data more intuitive;

Test results can be stored: built-inE2PROM, test results can be stored, power outages are not lost, can be freely viewed and printed;Built-in real-time clock to display the date, time, each set of printed data has a date and time for viewing;Fuel consumption (optional), speed and tension sensor (optional) can be calibrated by the user itself, the coefficient is automatically stored, can also be entered manually, power outage is not lost.Can saveTest results for 20 vehicles;Slide tests, braking tests, and acceleration test curves can be displayed or printed.In the absence of obstacle blocking, the wireless communication radius can reach150 meters.Traction sensors are optional with the largest range500kN.Test results that can be used for braking tests (including braking distance,MFDD, braking coordination time) to determine.


Technical Parameters

Can be accessed all the way traction sensor, two-way conversion sensor

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