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LYJ Microcomputer multifunctional fuel consumption meter

LYJ Microcomputer multifunctional fuel consumption meter

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LYJ Microcomputer multifunctional fuel consumption meter


My company's production of microcomputer car tractor multi-functional fuel consumption instrument, is a microcomputer as the core of intelligent instruments, mainly used in automotive tractors and engine bench economic performance testing. This instrument can test all kinds of engine fuel consumption, instantaneous flow and fuel consumption rate, fixed time, fixed weight and other parameters of the test and control, can be used in automobile tractor road experiments, can be flexible, portable and convenient, accurate measurement, stable work, intuitive reading, can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy, is the research, production of automotive tractors, Ideal test instruments for repair and use, teaching and other departments.

Automotive Testing EquipmentThe host consists of a single chip microcomputer and an interface circuit, external micro-printer, fuel consumption sensor. Sensor connection encoding, so in the case of small flow, oil pulse, with the function of data storage and processing, calculation results, printing and transmission of the results to the microcomputer.

Note: This instrument can be selected with two fuel consumption sensors. The sensor can work at the same time, that is, all the way back to the oil, especially suitable for the test to bring back the tubing road.

Main technical parameters

Accelerated experiments:

Time: Maximum 9,999 seconds

Fuel consumption: Max G0 Road 65 liters

65 Liters G1 Road

Initial velocity Range: 10~100 km/h

End speed Range: 10~100 km/h

Hundred km fuel consumption test:

Distance: Maximum 100-kilometer

Speed range: 10~100 km/h

Fuel consumption: Maximum G0 Road 65 liters

65 Liters G1 Road

Time: Maximum 9,999 seconds

Hand Control Test:

Torque: 10~100 kg/m

Fuel consumption: Maximum G0 Road 65 liters

65 Liters G1 Road

Time: Maximum 9,999 seconds

General parameters:

Input voltage: Nickel cadmium battery 6V

Usage temperature: 0. C----40. C

Weight: 4 kg

Dimensions: 290x190x130mm

Error: +5%

How to use it

This machine operation can be broadly divided into the following six stages:

Initial stage: Boot or press"Reset" Press twist to display the words good.

Choice of public conditions: This machine is equipped with the various working conditions selection key, according to the corresponding working conditions to select the key, self-transfer to the operating procedures corresponding to the program.

Start the experiment: when the preparation is ready and the start conditions of the experiment are met, the experiment begins immediately.

Test process: Automatically carry on the data collection, the storage display.

Printing phase: At the end of the test, print the test results list yourself.

Communication phase: Print results, preparation and microcomputer communication.

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